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Lora Story

Lora is the eco project of the young winemaker Miguel Merino Navajas, who makes Rioja’s boutique wines ‘Miguel Merino’ along with his father. Miguel, a big supporter of Ecological Agriculture, began to work a vineyard and converted it into organic to create a small range of modern Organic Wines.


The result is Lora: fresh, fruity wines that convey all the sun, joy and excitement from Spain.

Lora Wines

Lora Wines come from an astonishing place: the region of Cuenca, in the eastern end of La Mancha. Here, the high plateau that dominates the center of Spain, is at its highest altitude, the soils are rocky and the weather turns cold. Pine and holm trees start to climb towards the near mountains and the vines struggle to survive between the warm sunny days and the desert cold nights.

Verdejo&Sauvignon Blanc

A blend of the Spanish grape Verdejo and the international Sauvignon Blanc. Beautiful pale white colour with green hints. Tropical fruits and floral aromas on the nose of this delicate, savoury organic white wine. Dry, smooth and elegant, with great balance and length.


Perfect to drink with Tapas, salads and vegetable dishes, all kinds of pasta, mild cheeses and exotic cuisine. It also goes great with fish, seafood, grilled meats or just a glass on its own.


A harmonic combination of Tempranillo and Syrah with a touch of Merlot. Bright ruby-coloured, this wine has an excellent nose of violets, black cherry and earth notes. Its ageing in oak barrels gives the wine spicy aromas such as vanilla, pepper and toasty notes. On the palate it is soft and silky, delicate and round, with great balance between fruit, oak and spiciness.


A perfect match to a wide range of food, such as grilled lamb and veal, a nice warming casserole, some good Spanish Tapas, all kinds of cheeses or just a glass on its own. A little secret? Try it with dark chocolate!

Living Organic

In many ways, Organic Agriculture is just growing as in the old days, when people were cultivating things to feed themselves, and they would not add anything to their food that could damage their health. Nothing you would never want to eat.


Organic Viticulture does not employ industrially synthesized compounds as additions to the soil or vines to increase fertility, nor uses pesticides to kill plagues. It fights against nature’s threats with natural techniques (such as flowers, minerals, grass, insects and lots of handwork), which definitely require much harder work from the grower than ordinary agriculture. But, in the long term, it pays back.


Organic Viticulture is just a small part of the ecological practices. We are what we eat (and what we drink!), and it makes sense to invest time and efforts on an ecological way of living. There are tons of local associations of people that are sharing knowledge, seeds, plants… we encourage everyone to go organic.